Sirane in a foreign language...

As you may well have noticed, is now available in a number of languages. As of last Friday the website is available to view in French, Italian and Spanish.

It's taken a while to do, but we think it will be worth the effort. It's so easy to think that the whole world speaks English, but it's just not the case. And anyway, even if it was true, why should we not take the effort to allow as many people as possible to read our product information in their own native tongue.

After all, however competent people are in a foreign language, we shouldn't expect them to know words like absorbency, susceptor and interleavers. Hence the reason for, and And we won't stop there... already German, Turkish and Arabic translations are in the pipeline.

We already have a French Business Manager - Veronique Richard - who is one of two members of the sales team fluent in French. And in early August a Spanish national, Pablo Juste, will join the team. Pablo is fluent not only in Spanish, but also in Italian. Linguistically, Sirane is spreading its wings.


Welcome to

Welcome to our new website - We admit it was about time the old site and indeed the whole corporate image had an overhaul, but we're just so busy....

We hope you like it. As you'll see Sirane's business has been broken down into four core divisions - food packaging, industrial, horticultural and medical & healthcare. We'll keep the site regularly updated with news from all four divisions - including product news, product launches and other useful pieces of information.

You'll find product information on everything we manufacture - sub-divided by the relevant divisions. But don't forget if you can't see what you're after still get in touch, because our team of designers and scientists will do their level best to make exactly what it is you're after, however odd the requirements.

And don't forget to join us on Twitter - you'll find us @SiraneLtd - and on Facebook. They are both a great way to stay up to date with what's going on.


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