From Vegas to Llandudno with our medical packaging range

So our medical and healthcare products are coming firmly under focus during the next couple of months. We've got some great products, and we've decided it's time to get them out there...

Firstly, we will be exhibiting at Pharma Expo in Las Vegas, the sister show to the popular Pack Expo which takes place towards the end of September. Sirane will have a stand at Infection Today 2015 in Birmingham on Wednesday, October 7th, and then the following week at the North Wales Infection Prevention Autumn Conference 2015 at the Venue Cymru in Llandudno on Thursday, October 15th.

Not many companies can claim to have exhibited at Las Vegas and Llandudno within a fortnight.

In show terms it's the litte and large... Pharma Expo is co-hosted at Pack Expo, one of North America’s largest trade shows. Pack Expo is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from September 28-30. Pharma Expo would be a sizeable show in its own right – 2014 saw 262 exhibitors over 60,000 sq ft.

The North Wales Infection Prevention Conference is around 30 stands accompanying the conference, for delegates to browse during their breaks. Certainly not on the scale of Pharma Expo, but just as interesting and useful for our medical and healthcare sales team in very different ways.

Sirane Medical & Healthcare offers Sira-Care DiffX (disinfection system), BenchGuard Advanced, nylon sterilisation bags & pouches, disposable non-slip absorbent theatre mats, absorbent tourniquet drapes, dental saliva absorbers and extraction packs, 95 kPa specimen transport bags and absorbent pads.

If you're attending any of these shows.... Las Vegas, Birmingham or Llandudno... we'll see you there.


Packaging for flowers, 95 kPa bags and bitumen...

When I get marketing calls from companies, one of the most common reactions I get to Sirane is 'blimey, I didn't realise you did so much'. Because although Sirane is well known for its food packaging solutions, we also do a lot more besides.

And such is the exent of our food packaging range, that the more besides can sometimes get a little lost.

Our medical & healthcare range is already quite extensive, and makes good use of our expertise in absorbency and material science, among other things. Our range of diagnostic specimen transportation solutions has recently expanded, for example, as we have looked at the market at what it requires, and what we can make, and where there is crossover.

And we have also revised our horticultural packaging offering, adding protective rose-stem wraps and crepe flower packaging. This complements our range of water-retaining flower pouches, compostable films and more.

Our flower packaging solutions are all on this site - but we've also introduced a new website,, which packages them all together.

We also have a range of industrial products. Part of our range involves nylon, and making use of nylon's incredible qualities, including its cleanliness as a material, its durability and its high heat-resistance. With nylon we offer bitumen bags and solvent-recovery bags, but that's just the products identified, there's much more that could be done with nylon.

And in industrial, it really is a case of saying we do lot more besides. We're working on identifying everything we do, because it's a surprising amount and very varied. Absorbency has loads of uses in industry, but in this market very few companies have the same requirements, very few products become standard products and most things are bespoke.

Our expertise in absorbency and material science means there's so many things we could make, it just takes that first person to say 'can you make that?' So if you have a requirement and think we'd be able to help, please get in touch...


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