A real fruity buzz ahead of Fruit Logistica

WELL it's all going on.... as is often the way, for the first few months of the Sirane calendar it's show time. And first up, it's Fruit Logistica in Berlin. Now trade shows are always a part of the calendar, and some times they are a little more routine than others. And sometimes, you head to a show with a lot to say....

Sirane never stands still, but in 2015 we were particularly active in the fruit packaging world. The result is that we will head to Berlin with a new factory having opened in Mexico, and a stunning new product 'hot off the press' which is perfect for packaging delicate and soft-fruit. And the ABV absorbent pad is proper ground-breaking stuff.

After months - if not years - of planning, Sirane Mexico opens in just a few days. It'll be a few months before the machines are churning away, but it'll be open for business. We've sited the plant in Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco province and in the heart of the berry growing regions. And in Mexico, the berry growing regions are vast, and grow an awful lot of berries.

On the ground, as it were, Sirane Mexico is headed up by Josua Vega, while it will be overseen by Adam Green, President of Sirane North America, and of course by Sirane's MD here in the UK.

The project has got a lot of people very excited... as no-one's ever tried to take this kind of business or this kind of technology to Mexico. The farmers and growers want it. The industry wants it. It's just been a matter of making it happen, and invariably with these things it takes time, but we're there. 

The timing of the launch of ABV is perfect, coinciding as it does with Sirane Mexico opening for business and Fruit Logistica. Certainly this side of the Atlantic, Fruit Logistica is as big as it gets, and is the one place, if you were to pick just one, that you would choose to launch a fruit packaging product with this kind of potential.

ABV could be huge. It's an anti-microbial fruit pad which can add significant shelf-life extension to packaged soft and delicate fruits. The really clever bit is the system of delivery.... people have looked at anti-microbial films etc for a while, but they've never really worked. Instead, we've taken a combination of bio-flavonoids and natural acids, extracted from fruits, and impregnated the pad. When activated by moisture, the anti-microbials are right there, at the heart of the problem, released into the packaging to do their stuff. 

A similar techology for dealing with bacteria and microbes in meat and poultry is also available... but more about that another time. Let's get Berlin out of the way first. 


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