Sirane Horticultural Division

Gartenbauabteilungdes Sirane

Sirane's Horticultural division offers a high level of expertise. If there's a problem we should have the answer 

•Specialised in the development and manufacture of innovative packaging products and systems
•Specialised in packaging which will keep flowers fresher for longer
•Specialised in packaging reduction and compostable and recyclable packaging
•At the forefront of current packaging technology
Sirane offers solutions for all areas of the horticulture industry. 
Our Flower-Fresh® range offers pouches which will help flowers last much longer, Sira-Flex™ products offer compostable films, while other items in our horticulture range will help you with growing cress, transporting asparagus, and we also have fully compostable plant pots - just pop them in the ground.
Whatever your problem, there's an answer somewhere in our ranges... And if there isn't, we'll do our best to solve it.

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