IFFA: Sticky boneguard and shank-caps in new meat packaging product range

Sticky Boneguard for protecting meat & poultry

SIRANE’S newly-expanded Tuff-Hold™ range now includes both sticky boneguard and shank-caps – both of which will be on show at next month’s IFFA show.

Sirane’s Tuff-Hold™ sticky boneguard materials offer a combination of strength and elasticity to assure maximum shelf-life for vacuum packaged meat and poultry, while at the same time offering a very tacky surface that clings to the product. Newly-improved production processes at Sirane mean this is a better and more cost-effective product than ever before.

IFFA – the largest trade show for the meat industry in Europe, if not the world – takes place in Frankfurt, Germany, from May 7-12. And Sirane will be exhibiting protective packaging for meat including our Tuff-Hold range alongside absorbent and ready-cook packaging.

Tuff-Hold™ sticky boneguard is a wax-impregnated cloth combining excellent strength with ease of use and a range of grades to reduce the number of leaks caused by sharp bones. Tuff-Hold™ sticky boneguard is available in reels, perforated and on the reel, or in sheets.

Sirane has also just added a new type of shank caps to its popular Tuff-Hold range - a range of products offering protection to packaged meat products.

Tuff-Hold Shank-Caps are designed to fit over bones, preventing potentially sharp bones from piercing the external packaging during the vacuuming process.

Sirane’s Tuff-Hold Shank-Caps are not rigid formed caps, instead they are made as pouches using a high micron very resilient film with a degree of flexibility. This means they are less likely to fall off during the vacuum process or when opened.

Tuff-Hold Shank-Caps from Sirane are available in a range of sizes and widths to suit including lamb rack caps, extended shank caps and large gammon shank caps.

Absorbent packaging and ready-to-cook packaging solutions for meat and poultry will also be in the spotlight when Sirane exhibits at the Frankfurt show for the first time.

And an absorbent pad which has incorporated anti-microbial technology into the pad, helping to extend shelf-life, promises to generate a lot of interest.

Simon Balderson, Sirane managing director, said: “Our new ABM technology contains a blend of natural bio-flavonoids and organic acids which can be used very effectively to extend the shelf-life of meat and poultry, and remove problem bacteria.

“The combination of flavonoids which are anti-oxidants and anti-microbial, with organic acids including citric acid and ascorbic acids is harmless, as all elements are found naturally within fruit. It is activated by moisture, so only begins to function when needed.

“People have tried, and failed, in the past, to make anti-microbial packaging… but the major difference here is the method of delivery. With the anti-microbial integrated into the pad, and activated only when needed, it gets efficiently to the heart of the problem.”

Sirane manufacturers a range of absorbent pads for meat and poultry, including standard absorbency, odour-absorbency and ovenable absorbent pads.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director, added: “We offer absorbent pads in a wide range of colours, sizes, and levels of absorbency, and Sirane will tailor the absorbent pad to your requirements, so that you’re not paying for something that you just don’t need.

“We’re also a development company, so we’re constantly looking to help people improve their packaging and solve problems. A few years ago, for example, we introduced a pad which absorbs odours, and solved the problem of confinement odour in Vac-packed meat.

“This lead to significant drops in returns for some customers using this pad, as consumers were no-longer opening the pack and wrongly believing that the meat was off.”

The company also offers a range of cooking solutions, including nylon materials for roasting, oven/microwave steam-cooking bags, BBQ bags, sous-vide and more. A new product which allows for ‘smoking bags’ using either liquid-smoke enhanced wood chips or an absorbent pad which flavours the food during cooking forms the latest addition to this range.

Sirane can be found in Hall 4.1, on Stand H39 - email jeremy@sirane.com if you would to make an appointment to see someone at the show.

New shank-caps from Sirane food packaging

Seafood Expo Global throws open its doors...and Sirane is there!

Sirane's stand at Seafood Global 2016

AND we're off.... Seafood Expo Global threw open its doors this morning, and Sirane is once again exhibiting at the popular Brussels trade show.

Our stand in the Belgian capital can be found in Hall 4, Stand 5803 - where will be be showing our range of absorbent products - including a brand new method of delivering effective anti-microbial packaging - as well as other seafood packaging solutions including oven/microwave steam-cooking bags, BBQ bags, and even bags/pads that flavour the food.

Sirane’s new Dri-Fresh ABS pads for seafood contain a blend of natural bio-flavonoids and organic acids which work together to extend shelf-life. Together with the absorbency within the pad, they offer an outstanding level of protection. The shelf-life extending technology can be supplied as standard absorbent pads or incorporated into any of our other pads including our odour-absorbing pads. The ABM/ABS technology is activated by moisture – so only functions when needed.

Smoky flavours for fresh fish can be delivered via our Sira-Cook Supreme bag in which a wood chip sachet enhanced with liquid smoke has been placed below the perforated non-stick layer, allowing the flavours to come through. These bags can be cooked on the BBQ or in the oven. It's also possible to deliver this technology in absorbent pad format - ask on the stand for details. 

Sirane has food packaging ranges that cover the whole seafood journey, from liners and mats for crate of fresh fish, right through to microwaveable ready-cook packaging.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director, said: “Sirane’s expertise in absorbency, oven and microwave-ready packaging materials and shelf-life means that wherever you fit within the supply chain, we are a company that has products perfect for you.

“From sea to plate and everywhere in between… whether you are catching and processing the fish, or selling it as a retailer, Sirane’s has range of packaging solutions can make a huge difference, whether to shelf-life, product presentation or even profitability. These solutions include absorbent pads, crate liners, oven and microwave cooking bags, nylon roasting bags - even multi-compartment bags. If you're at the show, be sure to pay us a visit.”

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