PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: ‘Flavour-it’ cooking bags offer maximum taste with minimum effort

Flavour-it cooking bags for the oven or BBQ

AN OVENABLE cooking bag which uses herbs and spices to flavour the food during the cooking process is one of many innovative food packaging products from Sirane.

The versatile oven/BBQ cooking bag in our Flavour-it range uses a blend of kilned beech mixed with frozen herbs and spices, which are placed in a sachet and slipped below the bag’s siliconized layer – releasing a smoky flavour which enhances the food.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “We’ve got a great range of cooking bag solutions, and the next step for Sirane is always to find ways of making the bags even more innovative. This is a fairly simple idea, but one which transforms a cooking bag in to a bag of flavour.

“This could be a great option for retailers and a very versatile solution. It could be used over the counter with fresh food, supplied shipped into store with the flavour sachet already in the bag, or could even be used as part of a ‘smoky meal kit’ for home use.

“We’ve some interesting flavours on offer with the potential to create new and unique flavours for individual customers, so this product has lots of potential – it is very exciting for us. Smoked food is becoming increasingly popular, and this is a great way to offer a variety of different smoky flavours to your customer with minimal effort on your part.”

Sirane can offer six flavour combinations as standard: onion, mustard & spices; rosemary, juniper & spices; garlic, ginger & spices; mustard, sweet basil & spices; bay leaf, onion and spices, and juniper, pine cone and spices. However, other flavours can be developed.

There are flavours designed to complement fish, poultry, red meat, shellfish and even game.

The Sira-Cook Supreme bag for oven/BBQ is simple to use, cooks food to perfection. The wood chip sachet blended with dried herbs and spices is placed below the perforated non-stick layer, allowing the flavours to permeate through while the food is cooking.  

Simon Balderson, Sirane managing director, said: “Our popular Sira-Cook Supreme cooking bag has so many potential uses – and offers many advantages to users. But using the bag as a ‘’bag of flavour’ could really help retailers offer a truly stand-out product.

“It is a foil bag capable of withstanding significant direct heat, allowing for its use on a barbecue as well as in an oven. The food will be tender, retain all the juices and flavours as well as the goodness. This product is great for meat, poultry and seafood.

“For the customer there is no mess, no smell, and no need to handle the food. The bag can be heat-sealed or folded over, and add genuine value to retail food sales.

“The bag is available in a number of sizes. It comes with a clear top panel – so users can see the food which is being cooked – and can be heat-sealed or even supplied as self-seal.”

As well as BBQ/oven bags, Sirane manufactures a wide range of other cooking bags including steam-cooking bags for oven/microwave (including a new stand-up version), nylon roasting bags and sous-vide bags and even multi-compartment bags.

For more information on any of our cooking bag solutions, contact Jeremy Haydn-Davies at


SHROPSHIRE BUSINESS AWARDS: Sirane shortlisted for export award

Sirane is a finalist in the Shropshire Business Awards

SIRANE has been shortlisted for the International Trade Through Export award in the Shropshire Business Awards organised by the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce.

The company now exports across the globe, and earlier this year the food packaging division’s export sales exceeded domestic UK sales for the first time the company’s history.

We’re exporting as far afield as New Zealand, and to countries as varied in size as the US and Liechenstein, with products largely sold into seafood, fruit, meat and retails sectors.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Our export business has been steadily growing for a number of years, and we’ve had a number of people, both as agents/distributors and here in Telford, working hard on introducing our products to new markets overseas.

“We’re now starting to see the fruits of our labour, with well-established regular overseas trade in around 25 countries, and orders also coming in from many more nations.

“Food may be very different across the world, and the supply chains may vary in the way they work, but ultimately the problems experienced are often similar. Effective packaging solutions, shelf-life extension, convenience for the consumer…. everyone wants the same.”

Sirane is also expanding its international presence in other ways. Additional manufacturing is already operational in Antalya, Turkey and Guadalajara, Mexico, and within the next month a third overseas site, close to the Russian capital Moscow will also begin manufacturing.

We also have companies successfully established in South Africa and Poland.

Sirane is an innovative food packaging development-to-manufacture company, with vast expertise in absorbency and material science, selling packaging solutions including absorbent pads, oven and microwave-ready packaging, protective packaging and more.
The company also has a medical division – Enaris – and a horticultural division.

Product developments such as cushioned absorbent pads for soft-fruit and self-seal BBQ cooking bags have helped generate significant interest from overseas buyers.

The Shropshire Business Awards finals will be held on Friday, June 23rd at the International Centre, Telford. 2017 is the 17th time the popular awards have been held.

For more information, call +44 1952 230055 or email

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