PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: ovenable absorbent boards

Ovenable absorbent boards for food presentation

OVENABLE presentation boards with built-in absorbency can be a great way to improve the appearance – and sales – of items such as smoked fish, meat and game.

Sirane’s Sira-Form Supreme absorbent boards combine excellent appearance and built-in absorbency to present chilled raw and cooked food in the best possible way.

The boards are available in metallised gold and silver as standard with a variety of absorbencies for any application. Compostable versions are available.    

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director, said: “Ovenable absorbent boards are ideal for smoked fish and meat as well as fresh chilled foods such as whole salmon sides and game, and these boards are great for vacuum-packed foods, or flow wrapping.

“They enhance pack presentation on the shelf, so can be a real boost to sales.”

Excessive natural oils and juice inherent in the food are soaked up by the absorbent layer, but the food is NOT drained of oil due to the unique valve type perforations in the barrier.

Sirane is an innovative packaging design, development, manufacture and solutions company which specialises in areas including absorbency and ovenable/microwaveable products, compostable packaging, films, boards, absorbent pads, and much more.

For more information on our ovenable absorbent boards or any other product in the Sira-Form range, call Jeremy Haydn-Davies on +44 1952 230055 or email

Ocado lists Thinking-Cooking in its online store

Thinking-Cooking added to Ocado's online store

ONLINE grocery giant Ocado has become the first major UK retailer to stock the Thinking-Cooking range – Sirane’s range of kitchen/cooking solutions for the home user.

Ocado is now listing Steam-Cooking Bags for the oven or microwave, Oven/BBQ bags, Fat-Catcher oven-grill liners in two sizes, nylon Roasting Bags in two sizes, Deli-Fresh Food Bags and nylon Slow-Cooker Liners, allowing customers to buy with their weekly shop.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director, said: “Thinking-Cooking offers a number of items which will truly make people’s life easier in the kitchen, and it is fantastic news that Ocado is now listing them. Ocado’s customers will soon wonder how they ever did without.

“They will save you time and money – something Ocado’s customers will come to realise – as well as offering ways of cooking stunning food in very simple ways.”

The Steam-Cooking Bag is an oven-ready or microwaveable cooking bag, which seals in all the juices and flavours and allows healthy eating and ‘fast food’ to be combined. The bags are perfect for seafood, vegetables & poultry with butter, a sauce or a marinade.

Oven/BBQ bags are just as they sound – a versatile cooking bag for meat, poultry, vegetables and seafood, which can be used on the BBQ or in the oven, and comes with a non-stick layer making it perfect for fish. The bags are available in two sizes.

Nylon Roasting Bags are available for both turkeys and chickens, and will crisp up the bird perfectly, stop it from drying out, and significantly reduce the cooking time.

Fat-Catchers can be used in oven-grills to soak up the fat – healthier food and less cleaning – while Slow-Cooker Liners will also cut down on the hated washing-up.

Deli-Fresh Food Bags will offer significant shelf-life extension for items such as cold meats, quiches, pastries etc, and can be sealed, opened and re-sealed as required.

Thinking-Cooking is being marketed in the UK by our agents, Polvo Ltd. To find the items on the Ocado site, simply write Polvo in the search bar, or look for the individual items.

Sirane is an innovative packaging design, development, manufacture and solutions company which specialises in areas including absorbency and ovenable/microwaveable products, compostable packaging, films, boards, pads, and much more. Thinking-Cooking is gathering momentum globally - enquiries from potential overseas agents are welcomed.

For more information, contact +44 1952 230055. Email To contact Polvo, call +44 23 9252 8329 or email Jim Liddicoat at

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