NEW: Pouch-filling machine runs with Earthpouch as well as other packaging pouches

Sirane's new pouch-filling line

OUR Earthpouch – a revolutionary plastic-free packaging solution – is selling well - and has been already been shortlisted for a number of top awards.

One question we’re often asked though is ‘how do we pack it?’ Well the answer is here, in the shape of our new single or dual-head pouch-filling line – the M7.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “It’s a regular question…. do you supply machines? How do we pack it? Well Sirane’s always been a solutions company, and we have one – the M7 pouch-filling line – which can run the Earthpouch.

“It’s a fast, versatile and low-cost option, with lines starting from just £35,000. Single and twin-head machines are available, and they are simple to operate.

“They pack between 15 and 80 bags a minute, and with both manual and auto-fill options, they make a great solution for packaging a whole range of products.”

Remote access via a personalised website means you can easily control and trouble-shoot the machines, and up to 50 programmes can be stored.

The machines have a small footprint – covering a maximum of just 2m2.

Sirane’s Earthpouch was launched in the new year – with Troofoods the first brand to use the new material – and a range of brands have since switched their packaging to the Earthpouch, with orders coming from Ireland and the US.

Peter Ralten, business development manager, said: “We’re now getting regular orders, and have sold into a number of countries, with inquiries coming in from all over the world. The M7, which is a great pouch-filling line, means we can now offer the full solution to anyone interested in the Earthpouch.”

The Earthpouch – an industry first - is made from a paper with a 100% plastic free heat-sealable coating which is then formed into a preformed stand-up pouch which provides total food security for dry and moist food products.

We initially launched a standard version - and are rolling out barrier and high-barrier versions over the next few months as the Earthpouch range is expanded.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, added: “Since Packaging Innovations at the NEC we’ve had many inquiries, and we’re now working with a number of companies, in many different sectors, and the Earthpouch will be on a shelf near you soon… one of the great things about the product is it is also cost-effective, often environmentally-friendly packaging comes at a cost, with Earthpouch that’s not the case.

“Packaging Innovations also made us realised that offering a pouch-filling line was also important to the product’s use on a practical level, and so we’re pleased to be able to now offer a full solution, pouches and pouch-filling lines.”

The Earthpouch was shortlisted for the packaging section at the Sustainable Packaging Awards in Amsterdam earlier this year – finishing third – and has been shortlisted for the UK Packaging Awards, being held in London in November.

The M7 will run with all bags and pouches – not just the Earthpouch, which it has been adapted to run. Sirane can also offer a range of other bags and pouches including ovenable, microwaveable, stand-up, retort, quad-seal, 3-side seal, side-gusset, flat pouches and more. We can also offer digitally-printed short-run.

For more information, contact Jeremy Haydn-Davies on 01952 230055, email or visit our website which is 


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