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Sira-FlexTM UV barrier film

Sira-Flex UV barrier film

Sira-Flex UV barrier film protects food on the shelf from harmful UV rays and prevents associated discolouration.

Discolouration can be a problem with cooked & processed meats on supermarket shelves, as well as with potatoes.

Although sliced meat discoloured by UV lighting is perfectly safe for the consumer, it can put customers off buying.

Sira-Flex UV barrier film can be laminated onto other films, is heat-sealable, and can be used with thermo-forming.

Sira-Flex UV barrier film are perfect for cooked & processed meats, and potatoes, all of which can discolour under store lighting conditions.

The color pigment in cooked meats is very unstable; when light oxidizes the nitric oxide myoglobin pigment (nitrosomyoglobin), metmyoglobin nitrite is formed and the ham turns grey. Excess nitrous acid and heat creates the pigment nitrihemin, which turns cured deli meats green.

In potatoes UV lights can speed up the greening process, which can lead to an excess of bitter-tasting glycoalkaloids.

Sira-Flex UV barrier film for cooked meats and potatoes

  • Protects food from UV rays
  • Prevents discolouration caused by UV lights in store
  • Can be laminated onto other materials
  • Heat-sealable
  • Can be used in thermo-forming
  • Perfect for cooked & processed meats & potatoes
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