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Sira-Serv™ Siralon Catering-Liners

Nylon Catering-Liners

The Sira-Serv™ Siralon Catering Linerallows caterers to line their chafing dishes, large saucepans, pots, pans & trays.

This simple-to-use nylon liner keeps the trays clean, reducing washing-up and wear-and-tear. It can be frozen along with any leftovers, and food will not stick to the liners.

Using Sira-Serv™ Siralon Catering Liners reduce the amount of hot water used in cleaning, save time, and reduce the risk of food and hot grease blocking up the sinks during washing-up.

Sira-Serv™ Siralon Catering Liners are perfect for anyone involved in food preparation, cooking and displaying food, hot food counters, buffet counters and canteens.

Liners can be folded over the hot-food if left on display, which will help prevent food drying out as moisture is kept within. They can even be used for storing left-over food in the fridge or freezer; just lift out, close with a tie and store.

Standard sizes available are: 290x880 (Gn 1/1 65mm); 310x880 (Gn 1/1 100mm); 390x880 (Gn 1/1 150mm); 250x590 (Gn 1/2 65mm); 280x590 (Gn 1/2 100mm); 350x590 (Gn 1/2 150mm); 230x500 (Gn 1/3 100mm); 300x500; (Gn 1/3 150mm); 220x450 (Gn 1/4 100mm); 300x450 (Gn 1/4 150mm); and 483x450mm (Soup Pot Liner).



  • Made from top quality nylon
  • Keeps chafing dishes/trays/pans clean
  • Also suitable for large saucepans, pots etc
  • Reduces wear & tear
  • Prevents sticking, discolouration & burning
  • Left-overs can be frozen in liners
  • Range of sizes available
  • Reduces wastage as food will not congeal over time


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