• Fat-Trap oven-grill liners - pack of 10
  • Oven/BBQ Cooking Bags - pack of 3
  • Nylon Oven Roasting Bags - pack of 10/2
  • Oven/Microwave Steam-Cooking Bags - pack of 10
  • Slow-Cooker Liners - pack of 3
  • Potato-Bakers - pack of 5
  • Breathable shelf-life bags for fresh produce - pack of 10
  • Thinking-Cooking can be bought from our online shop

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Convenience food packaging

Convenience food packaging from Sirane Ltd. Susceptor boards, susceptor films, cooking bags and more. Microwave or oven. Crisp food beautifully using our Crisp-it susceptor packaging, or use our cooking bags to create simple yet tasty meals. Susceptor packaging is perfect for paninis, pizzas, chips, sausage rolls, burgers and many more products. Click here to go through to our food packaging division homepage.

Convenience food packaging


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