FRUIT PACKAGING: Sirane Southern Africa exhibiting at sub-tropical fruits show


SIRANE Southern Africa’s team are exhibiting their range of fruit packaging solutions at Subtrop 2017 – the flagship event for the sub-tropical fruit industry in the region.

The Subtrop Marketing Symposium draws growers, packers, processors and exporters in the subtropical fruit and nut industries – and has been growing year on year as a show.

Stacey Loader, director of Sirane Southern Africa, said: “We’ve had some excellent results in terms of shelf-life extension for sub-tropical fruits using Sirane’s absorbent packaging range.

“Sub-tropical fruits – such as papaya, lychees, mangoes and avocadoes – are often exported vast distances – and so shelf-life is a very important factor in the supply chain.

“Sirane’s absorbent fruit pads, which include ethylene absorbent options and anti-bacterial / anti-microbial options, can make a real difference to shelf-life actually achieved.

“Anyone attending the symposium is welcome to discuss this more on our stand and find out more about how incorporating out fruit packaging products can help your business.”

The Subtrop programme includes a broad range of topics, ranging from the economic outlook of the industry to promotion and an insight into the international trade.

The Subtrop Marketing Symposium takes place on Wednesday, November 8, at the Ingwenyama Conference and Sport Resort, White River, South Africa.

For more information on Sirane’s food packaging range, email To contact Sirane Southern Africa, email or call +27 (0)21 556 2949.

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Absorbent liners for crates of fish

Absorbent liners for fresh fish crates

SEA-FRESH liners are designed with one simple aim – keeping seafood as fresh as the moment it came out of the sea – and are perfect for transporting fresh fish.

… and one absorbent pad in the Sirane range, our Dri-Fresh Sea-Fresh SP mat, is absolutely perfect for this job, helping maximise the retail value of the packaged fish.

Sirane’s Dri-Fresh Sea-Fresh SP mat offers effective and fast absorbency in an easy-to-use format – and is a very clean product due to the method of production used.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director, said: “Sirane’s Dri-Fresh Sea-Fresh range of absorbent liners quickly and effectively absorbs the melting ice and juices from the fish released during transportation. The liquid is then absorbed and trapped inside the Sea-Fresh liner to prevent spillage and reduce odour – meaning sale prices of seafood can be optimised.

“This popular liner for fresh fish, which is part of our Dri-fresh absorbent products range, is made using a process which needs no adhesives, so the product is very clean.

“It is a strong, durable product – with excellent tensile strength, crucial for this sort of absorbent pad – and is very easy to handle, and very easy to remove when saturated.

“Sea-Fresh liners are excellent for lining crates of seafood, soaking up large amounts of water and fluid from the crates, meaning it arrives at the destination in a much better condition.”

Sirane has worked closely with seafood companies and they’ve told us that this product range is exactly what they need. They need high absorbency over a sustained period of time in a range of sizes. The cold crate packed with fish will remain cold and dry, optimising the condition and appearance – and in many cases the value of the contents.

Dri-Fresh Sea-Fresh SP absorbent liners can be custom designed to your application, and can be made large enough - at 680mm x 360mm - to fit standard 25 kilo trays.

Sirane is a highly innovative product development-to-manufacture company based in Telford, Shropshire. It has four divisions: food packaging; medical and healthcare; industrial and horticultural. The company specialises in absorbent solutions.

For more information on Sirane’s food packaging range, email or contact +44 1952 230055. 

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