PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Sticky boneguard for the transportation of meat and poultry

Sticky boneguard for protecting meat and poultry during transportation

SIRANE'S Tuff-Hold sticky boneguard offers strength and elasticity with a tacky surface that clings to the product throughout transportation – assuring maximum shelf-life.

The wax-impregnated cloth combines excellent strength with ease of use.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director, said: “Sticky boneguard is something we have been asked for often by our customers, and we introduced it to our range more than a year ago.

“Tuff-Hold sticky boneguard is available in reels, perforated, perforated on the reel or in sheets – so however you want the product supplying, Sirane is able to deliver.”

Boneguard is used for vacuum packing meat and poultry to reduce the number of leaks in the packaging caused by sharp bones. Sirane can offer three grades, including a very strong, very high level of puncture resistance which is also highly mouldable.

  • TKVS1 - very strong, very high level of puncture resistance and highly mouldable, used for heavy applications such as beef loins, standing ribs, lamb loins and square cut shoulders
  • TKVS2 - strong, high level of puncture resistance lightly mouldable, used for products such as carvery ribs and/or bone-in shins
  • TKVS3 - strong, medium level of puncture resistance lightly mouldable, used for products such as carvery ribs, bone-in shins. H bones and French racks

Sticky boneguard is just one of a number of products in our Tuff-Hold range, we also carry a range of standard boneguard products and nylon shank-caps.

Sirane MD among panel of experts at ‘Brexit breakfast’

SIRANE MD Simon Balderson will be among the panel of experts at a business breakfast aimed at helping local firms in the Telford area understand the post-Brexit impact.

The ‘Brexit Begins for Business in Telford’ event will aim to highlight both the challenges and opportunities presented by Britain’s decision to leave the European Union.

Chaired by Laura Parkinson of Lanyon Bowdler Solicitors, the event offers local businesses the chance to voice opinions, ask questions, and discuss a ‘post-Brexit Britain’.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “There’s no getting away from the fact that for many businesses, Brexit is a challenge, possibly the biggest challenge faced in many years.

“But Brexit will also present opportunities for businesses in the region, and hopefully this meeting will also be a positive exploration of what those opportunities will be.

“Brexit is going to happen – indeed by the time of this event parliament may well have triggered Article 50 – and so this event is about making sure everyone is ready.”

Sirane is the European market leader in areas including absorbent food packaging and ovenable / microwaveable packaging materials, shelf-life extension and more. We also have a newly rebranded and distinct medical and healthcare division, Enaris.

As well as exporting worldwide from here in Shropshire, we have additional manufacturing in Guadalajara, Mexico, and Antalya, Turkey, as well as offices / warehousing in South Africa.

The event takes place on Friday, March 31, from 8.30am-1030am in the Swan Room, Lighting Industry Association, Stafford Park 7, Telford, TF3 3BQ. Pre-registration is required.

A complimentary light breakfast and refreshments is provided, and there is no cost.

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