Packaging you can throw on the barbecue

The new Sira-Cook Barbecue Bag from Sirane

A COOKING bag which customers can literally throw on the barbecue is to be launched by Sirane at next week’s IFE show in London.

The Sira-Cook Barbecue Bag has been developed in response to feedback from clients suggesting it was something they would really like to see added to the range.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director for food packaging, said: “IFE will see the launch of our new barbecue bag. The Sira-Cook Barbecue Bag is also ovenable – with might be a distinct advantage with the unreliable British climate – and allows a product and sauce to be thrown on the barbecue. It’s a simple product, offering stunning taste.

“This product has been designed with input from retailers, who told us they wanted to see this product – a cooking bag capable of withstanding direct heat from flames.

“Imagine a retailer being able to sell a steak with a sauce inside a bag that the user will be able to cook directly on a barbecue – that’s what the Barbecue Bag will offer.

“The bag can simply be folded over by the user, or heat-sealed as a retail pack. This would allow over-the-counter sales of ready-to-barbecue packs which are leak-proof.”

The International Food and Drink Event (IFE) is held at the ExCeL Arena from March 17-20, and the Barbecue Bag is among a number of innovations that will be displayed.

The bag is available in a number of sizes and in a standard and non-stick version. It comes with a clear top panel – so users can see what’s being cooked – and can be heat-sealed.

It is perfect for meat, fish, poultry and vegetables – anything that can be cooked on a barbecue can be cooked in this bag – and it means people will no longer have to cook separately for meat-eaters and vegetarians, as the bags can sit side by side.

It will also be added to the Thinking-Cooking portfolio – Sirane’s retail kitchen and cooking range – allowing the bags to be stocked as a stand-alone product.

Email or call +44 1952 230055 for an appointment. Sirane is at Stand N3256.

Bags of interest at seafood show in high-barrier solutions

Cooking bag solutions for seafood & fish

Sirane’s unique packaging and cooking solutions have been going down a storm at Boston Seafood Show – particularly the company’s range of cooking bags.

High-barrier solutions – offering additional shelf-life as well as the ease of being able to pop the bag straight in the oven or microwave – have proven very popular.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director for food packaging, said: “Our high-barrier cooking bag solutions are proving very attractive to the North American markets. There has been a high level of interest, with people able to see very easily how we will help their business.

“When you’re transporting seafood long distances even a few additional days shelf-life can be critical, and when you add in the ability to cook the bags they become great products.

“We knew we had a great product, and it is great to see others equally enthusiastic.”

Sirane has targeted the US and Canada as a key potential market, and is using the popular show to showcase a range of highly innovative products, including ovenable and microwaveable cooking bags and absorbent liners.

The UK-based packaging design and manufacturing company is at Boston Seafood Show until March 12th, with a stand in Seafood Processing America – Stand 1181 – and the company will look to take that interest forward at April’s European Seafood Expo.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director, said: “We have been presenting some great innovations that are completely new to the North American market for the first time at Seafood Processing America. We have a number of products that are perfect for all types of seafood, and visitors have been able to see real added value potential.

“We have brought a whole new level of innovation to the North American seafood industry and people have appreciated that. Whether it is an ovenable solution, a microwaveable option, a self-seal counter bag or absorbent liners, Sirane has numerous answers.

“Another new product on show – the Barbecue Bag – is also attracting a lot of attention. This is a bag which can be heat-sealed with contents inside, and thrown on a barbecue or cooked in an oven, and offers seafood retailers something completely different.”

Recent Sirane innovations include the Si-bag™, a cook-in bag which allows all the flavours to be sealed in for simple, tasty cooking - perfect for creating seafood-based recipes. It is aimed at both individuals cooking at home looking for a quick but tasty meal, and at over-the-counter retailers, who can send customers home with a ‘meal in a bag’.

The cook-in bag is designed to be used safely in a conventional oven up to 200 degrees celsius, in a microwave - and even in a freezer for subsequent reheating.

Another innovation shown at the seafood expo is Sira-CookSmart-Release, a microwave bag with seals that open during cooking, allowing for perfect infusion of sauces -  perfect for seafood ready meals, with perfect tasting fish and sauce in just a matter of minutes.

The company’s tried-and-tested range of absorbent packaging for fish and seafood was also offered – Dri-Fresh™ Sea-fresh™ - products which have been designed to quickly and effectively absorb any juices released during transportation.

“Sirane has a high level of expertise in absorbency,” added Jeremy, “and the products have been developed and refined over a number of years. We can offer products that are tried and tested over many years, and are perfect for anyone transporting seafood.”

“But Sirane is also a development company. If you’ve a packaging problem but don’t know where to begin in finding a solution, Sirane could be the answer you’ve been looking for.”

Sirane will visit the European Seafood Expo in Brussels from April 22nd to 25th – Stand 4-5838 – if you would like to make an appointment, email

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