Retail packs now available for The Si-bag™

Sirane has already found significant interest in the Si-bag™ – a cook-in bag which allows flavours to be sealed in for simple, tasty cooking.

The Si-bag™ is a cook-in bag designed to be used safely in a conventional oven up to 200 degrees celsius, in a microwave - and even in a freezer for subsequent reheating and eating.

Since its launch earlier this year several large retailers have begun trials with the innovative bag, with a view to using the bag as an over-the-counter food bag. However, we’re also looking for retailers willing to stock the bag for sale in packs of 10.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, director of sales for food packaging, said: “We’re finding interest growing in The Si-bag™.  The bag is a great product, which has so many uses - straight-to oven or microwave food doesn’t have to sacrifice on flavours.

“The Si-bag™ keeps all the flavours, it allows people to cook quickly and easily with fresh ingredients. Healthy eating and fast food can be combined. Whether it is fish, meat, vegetables or desserts, The Si-bag™ will create a sensational meal.”

The Si-bag™ has been developed by Sirane’s engineers and scientists. It is a bag made from very high temperature resistant film, which combines practicality with simplicity. The meal is sealed in using a fold-over flap and the bag becomes odour and leak-proof.

Simon Balderson, Sirane’s MD, said: “The Si-bag™ allows people to just buy the bag, and get creative themselves. People want tasty food, but they don’t always have the time. The Si-bag™ helps buy that time – minimum time for maximum flavours.

“We’re now looking for retailers willing to stock the bags which will be for sale in packs of 10.  Home users seem to love the simplicity of the Si-bag™.”

International packaging design, development and manufacturing company Sirane has also unveiled a new website – Enquiries from potential distributors and retail partners are welcome. The bag is also soon to be sold on Amazon in retail packs of 10.



Packaging Europe - The Si-bag, retail packs are now available

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Asda nominates Sirane bag for top award

Asda's Chicken Breast with Tikka Spiced Butter

A chicken dish cooked in a Sirane bag has been nominated for a top industry award by Asda.

The UK supermarket giant’s Chicken Breast Fillet with Tikka Spiced Butter product uses the Sira-Cook™ Self-Seal™ bag, and following butchers’ counter trials it was nominated for the Best Packaging Innovation in the Supermarket and Fish Awards 2012.

Three products have now been shortlisted for the final – including the Asda product.

Ian Beardsall, director of product & process development, said: “Asda nominating a product which uses a Sirane cooking bag is great news – it shows how well they work.

“The Sira-Cook™ Self-Seal™ is another great innovation from Sirane, and would be suitable for many dishes. The bag can be bought over the counter and cooked straight in the oven with all the flavours and juices sealed within the bag.

“Counter bags combine practicality with simplicity. When the customer buys their meal, it is sealed in using a fold-over flap and the bag becomes odour and leak-proof.

“There is no need for expensive heat sealers. Butters, marinades, herbs and spices can be added to fish, poultry or meat, creating a ready meal using the freshest ingredients.”

Sirane has a range of cooking bags, suitable for oven and microwave cooking, including the Sira-Cook™ Self-Seal™ and Si-bag™ and the new Sira-Cook™ Smart-Release™.

The Supermarket and Fish Awards 2012 will be handed out at a prestigious ceremony at London’s Hilton Hotel on Park Lane on Thursday, July 5th. Asda’s product will compete with Morrisons Traditional Beef Range and Sainsbury’s Shanghai Beef for the honour.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Just being nominated is a great testimonial for Sirane’s products, it is great to know others rate them, but if Asda wins it would be great news.” 



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