SOUTH AFRICA: Subtropical fruit packaging on show at regional event

Stacey Loader on Sirane Southern Africa's stand at SubTrop 2017

SIRANE Southern Africa’s team exhibited their range of fruit packaging solutions at Subtrop 2017 – with plenty of interest shown by the region’s subtropical fruit growers.

Around 500 producers attended the show – with feedback for the Sirane team and the sub-tropical fruit packaging products offered to the market overwhelmingly positive.

Stacey Loader, director of Sirane Southern Africa, said: “We’ve had some excellent results in terms of shelf-life extension for sub-tropical fruits using Sirane’s absorbent packaging range – and the symposium was a great opportunity to talk to people in the industry.

“Subtropical fruits – such as papaya, lychees, mangoes and avocadoes – are often exported vast distances – and so shelf-life is a very important factor in the supply chain. Subtropical fruits are popular around the world – but how to get them there fresh?

“Sirane’s absorbent fruit pads, which include ethylene absorbent options and anti-bacterial / anti-microbial options, can make a positive difference to actual shelf-life achieved.

“As a result of the feedback at the show, and the positive conversations we had, we’ll be running further product trials on lychees, mangoes and blueberries – all of which are products which can benefit significantly from packaging which can help to extend shelf-life.”

The Subtrop Marketing Symposium – held at the Ingwenyama Conference and Sport Resort, White River, South Africa - draws growers, packers, processors and exporters in the subtropical fruit and nut industries – and has been growing year on year as a show.

The programme for the day included a broad range of topics, ranging from the economic outlook of the industry to promotion and an insight into the international trade.

For more information on Sirane’s food packaging range, email To contact Sirane Southern Africa, email or call +27 (0)21 556 2949.

SIRA-SERV: Nylon-based catering and food service solution for lining vats, saucepans, pots and chafing dishes

Catering liners made from nylon

A RANGE of innovative time, labour and cost-saving nylon products aimed at catering, hospitality and food service industries are available from Sirane.

Sirane's Sira-Serv™ range includes nylon-based materials for lining vats, saucepans, pots and chafing dishes, with a wide range of sizes and options. We also have materials for hot-fill, hot shortening bags for cooking oil disposal and absorbent liners for hot food counters.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director, said: “Nylon is a fantastic material with which to line catering pans, pots, chafing dishes and trays – and it is very cost-effective. This is the sort of solution that once you’ve tried, you just won’t ever go back to doing without.

“We’ve sized them to fit standard Gastronorm sizes, and they offer numerous benefits: they will reduce cleaning time; reduce wear and tear; help reduce bills associated with hot water; and even help reduce the amount of fats and grease entering drains.

“Catering liners also help reduce food wastage – saving companies money – as the food won’t dry out and congeal at the bottom of the pan. This can be very beneficial in hotel breakfasts, for example, where food is sometimes kept warm for a while.”

Nylon has some tremendous qualities, which make it perfect for this kind of use; it is tough, durable, with very high heat resistance, and it can also be used in hot-fill situations.

Nylon hot-shortening bags – which can be filled with hot cooking oil and used for disposal – and nylon hot-fill liners are also in the range. Hot-fill liners can be used in industrial food processing to line large vats, and can be removed while the product is hot.

“Hot fill liners,” said Simon Balderson, MD, “can save companies money. There is no production time wasted waiting for products to cool, or scrubbing the vats after use.

“Nylon is an incredibly clean material, so there is no leaching/contamination. This level of cleanliness means it can also be used in processes such as roasting spices/bread crumbs.”

Another popular Sirane product – the rotisserie liner – is also part of the Sira-Serv range. These absorbent liners can also be used to line hot-food display counters.

Consisting of a highly absorbent material covered with heat-reflective elevated-temperature-resistant film, Sira-Serv™ Supreme™ rotisserie liners soak away excess fat dripping from the meat while it is cooking – ensuring it is displayed in an attractive way as possible.

For more information on any product within Sirane’s Sira-Serv range, call 0044 1952 230055 or email

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