Si-bags now available from Amazon


The Si-bag™ – a cook-in bag which allows all the flavours to be sealed in for simple, tasty cooking made by Sirane – is now available on Amazon.

The Si-bag™ is a cook-in bag designed to be used safely in a conventional oven up to 200 degrees celsius, in a microwave - and even in a freezer for subsequent reheating and eating.

Packs of 10 are now available direct to the consumer using the online retailer.

Ian Beardsall, director of product process and development, said: “Simple cooking and straight-to oven or microwave food doesn’t have to sacrifice on flavours.

“The Si-bag™ keeps all the flavours, it allows people to cook quickly and easily with fresh ingredients. We understand people’s time is precious, and sometimes people need food and fast. But healthy eating and fast food can be combined.”

All the natural flavours of the meat, fish or vegetables are sealed in the bag during cooking, creating a sensational and healthy meal.

The Si-bag™ has been developed by Sirane’s engineers and scientists. It is a bag made from very high temperature resistant film, which combines practicality with simplicity. The meal is sealed in using a fold-over flap and the bag becomes odour and leak-proof.

Simon Balderson, Sirane’s MD, said: “The Si-bag™ is perfect for home users wanting to create a simple yet tasty meal that can be popped straight into the oven or microwave.”

Just pop it in the oven to cook... it's that easy! Flavoured butters and glazes can be added. The result is superb tasting, succulent food, cooked in its own juices and added jus.

The Si-bag™ is the first of a number of innovative and popular items Sirane intends to make available direct to the public over the next few months.

For more information on the Si-bag, visit our website at

Sirane heading for Athens' Meat Days show

Sirane will have a presence this year at Greece’s new meat show Meat Days. The Athens show will bring together the major players in the country’s meat industry.

The company will support our Greek agent, who has recently set up in business in a bid to take Sirane’s innovative products into a potentially lucrative market.

While the news is full of negative stories concerning the Greek economy, Sirane MD Simon Balderson says it is the perfect time for Sirane to enter the market there.

“Over the next few years Greece will be looking more and more at exporting its produce. Sirane’s product range will help Greek companies enter the export market more successfully.

“At the same time retailers and producers will find in Sirane's product range the solutions required to ensure highest quality standards as well as differentiate through our innovative technologies. Our Dri-FreshTM range of absorbent pads is a perfect example of the above.”

As well as pads, Sirane’s agents will also have products such as rotisserie liners, boneguard, ovenable counter bags, Sira-CookTM Smart-ReleaseTM and ovenable tray dividers.

They will also have a few none meat-based products, such as Sea-FreshTM pads and pads for fruit transportation, and Sira-FlexTM Resolve ®bags and films for shelf-life extension.

Meat Days has been jointly organised by Meat Place – Greece’s dedicated meat and poultry magazine – and event organising company o.Mind Creatives.

Meat Days 2012 will include Greece’s first Meat Festival – including tastings, cutting demonstrations informative events, nutritional information and other forms of entertainment. It will also host the Hellenic Conference on Meat “From Stable To Table”.

Meat Days 2012 will be held from Saturday, September 29 to Monday, October 1 at the Metropolitan Expo Centre, just a few miles from Athens International Airport.

To contact our Greek agent, email or call +30 210 980 1933.



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