Sirane's Sira-Cook MC set to take off

Sirane's Sira Cook

Europe’s premier packaging solutions company, Sirane Ltd, is celebrating a rush of food packaging interest for its latest cook-in packaging innovation, Sira Cook.

Jeremy Haydn Davies, Director of Sirane’s Food Packaging Division says that ‘we gave Sira Cook an preliminary airing at Foodex in March, and even before its formal launch we have already produced hundreds of thousands of units – primarily for the seafood industry.’

This new product – a world first for chilled food - is likely to give Sirane cause for investment in new lines of machinery to match the expected demand. ‘Even by our own standards of innovation,’ says Haydn Davies, ‘Sira Cook has grabbed the imagination of the retailing and food sector for a number of reasons.’

Sira Cook is an elevated-temperature resistant film that cooks the product inside – fish, vegetables or boneless meat together with marinades – in its own juices. ‘The quality of the resulting food – suitable for microwave or conventional oven – is exceptional,’ says Haydn Davies. ‘Trials in our own kitchens – and at home – have shown that we can sell the merits of Sira Cook on superior cook-in performance alone.

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Sirane launches film to crisp up on-the-move food

Sirane Crisp-It on the move packaging

Absorbent packaging specialist Sirane is targeting its new microwave film at food service firms after securing advanced orders from airlines and train operators.

The Crisp-It Light is the next generation of the microwave susceptor film that was launched for burger boxes and other fast food items.

The new film can be shaped in a range of formats and used as a wrap to avoid the need for extra packaging.

"Our new film can be made into carry bags for chips, pouches for popcorn and wraps to cook panini and sandwiches. For microwaveable frozen foods, there's no longer any need to packaging into boxes," said Sirane sales director Jeremy Haydn-Davies.

The film is made by combining the susceptor film to a clear film without using flue to create a laminate for crisping baguettes and pasties by clinging to the product in the microwave.

Haydn-Davies said that while the focus was on food service industries there were also potential applications for foods that are eaten at home or work.

The Crisp-It range also includes disks for pizzas and boards for burger buns.

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