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ECO: Sirane MD a guest speaker at Plastic-Free World


SIRANE’S MD Simon Balderson will be one of the guest speakers next month at the inaugural Plastic-Free World Conference & Expo being held in Frankfurt.

The development of our multi-award-winning plastic-free packaging solution Earthpouch led to Simon becoming one of the high-profile event’s guest speakers.

He will talk about what’s achievable and what’s not, as the world looks to replace plastics – and whether indeed it is even always the correct thing to do.

Simon Balderson said: “The capability of sophisticated plastic packaging to extend shelf life has created a global food market with considerable economic, social and humanitarian benefits. Non-plastic alternatives are unlikely to succeed unless they provide similar or additional benefits – so what is achievable?

“Plastic is cheap, light, easy to process, transparent, flexible and available with a wide range of physical and chemical properties. Non-plastic alternatives have a tough act to follow – but a lot has already been achieved and there’s much more to come.

“I’ll be looking at why we use plastics in the first place, whether it’s realistic to replace them, what’s been achieved so far, and then where do we go from here?”

Sirane’s award-winning Earthpouch - now available in standard, barrier and high-barrier, is ideal for anyone looking to remove unnecessary plastics from their packaging. But it is just one of a range of products in our Earth Packaging range.

Perfect for a range of dry and moist products – including granolas, porridge oats, grains, health/diet supplements and more, the Earthpouch is a paper-based solution with a heat-sealable coating, which is preformed into a stand-up pouch.

Simon Balderson said: “Earthpouch is a plastic-free solution, a paper-based material with a plastic-free coating which is perfect for a range of products. We can supply it with a range of different barriers, to suit your needs.

“We can also supply the same plastic-free material in reel format for anyone looking to flow-wrap – this would be our Earthfilm – and also as Earthbags.

“If you’re serious about moving away from plastics, then this – and many of the other products in our Earth Packaging range – might be exactly what you’re looking for.”

2018 was a big year for the Earthpouch with some major industry recognition– it won a Green Apple Award, presented at the Houses of Parliament, and it also secured first place at the UK Packaging Awards in the Resource Efficient Pack of the Year category. The Earthpouch was also recognised at the Sustainable Food Awards in Amsterdam, where it finished third in the sustainable packaging category.

“The Earthpouch is a fabulous product, and we were honoured to receive industry recognition and pick-up two top awards. Sirane’s constantly innovating, and the environment is at the forefront of a lot of our thinking. Plastics – and perhaps more specifically removing plastics where possible – is the hot-topic, and it’s great that Sirane is able to offer this product,” added Simon Balderson.

The Earthpouch is just one of a range of compostable/recyclable products and packaging solutions Sirane has developed over the years – and it has been placed in our Earth Packaging range: compostable; recyclable and sustainable.

Other products in the Earth Packaging range include paper-based absorbent pads, compostable & breathable packaging films, and compostable boards. The most recent addition to the range was a newly-developed compostable cling-film.

The Earth Packaging range is not just food packaging – we also offer horticultural products, such as plastic-free plant pots and compostable flower pouches.

Sirane is an innovative development-to-manufacture company, with expertise in absorbency and material science. Specialisms include bags and pouches, absorbent products, shelf-life extension and dual-ovenable products. We have four divisions: food packaging; horticultural; medical & healthcare, and specialist.

The Plastic-Free World Conference & Expo runs from June 27-28 in Frankfurt, Germany. Sirane is one of just a handful of exhibitors – find us on Stand 11.

Simon will be talking on Day 2: June 28, as part of the food packaging stream, where the morning session will be ‘bio-based and non-plastic alternatives to traditional plastic packaging’. The session will run from 9am until 12.25pm.

The afternoon session that day will be on ‘closing the loop on a circular economy for food-grade packaging’. The previous day, June 27 will see a ‘key-note’ opening session – opened by Iceland and Ian Schofield - followed by ‘reducing reliance on plastics through forward-thinking sustainable strategies’.

For more information on the Plastic-Free Conference & Expo, visit

FOOD PACKAGING: IFFA will offer a chance to meet up and talk meat packaging

IFFA – Europe’s largest trade show for the meat industry – takes place in Frankfurt next week, and Sirane will have a representative at the show.

The show, which runs from May 4th-9th, brings together all the elements of the meat industry, including packaging and machinery – and has more than 1,000 exhibitors.

Sirane manufacturers a range of absorbent pads for meat and poultry, including standard absorbency, odour-absorbency and ovenable absorbent pads – and sales manager Ben Pope will be visiting the show, meeting existing clients – so if you’re at the show, whether an existing contact or new to Sirane – it offers an opportunity to meet up.

Ben Pope, sales manager, added: “We offer absorbent pads in a wide range of colours, sizes, and levels of absorbency, and Sirane will tailor the absorbent pad to your requirements, so that you’re not paying for something that you just don’t need.

“I’ll be at the show on the Tuesday, so if you’d like to meet up, or like me to visit your stand, please get in touch, and I will make sure you’re added to my ‘show diary’.

“We’re also a development company, so we’re constantly looking to help people improve their packaging and solve problems – and in recent years we have significantly expanded our eco-friendly packaging options, including compostable and plastic-free.

“This includes our Earthpads, and our award-winning plastic-free Earthpouch/films.”

Sirane also offers a range of cooking solutions for meat, including nylon materials for roasting, oven/microwave steam-cooking bags, BBQ bags, sous-vide and more.

In addition, Sirane can offer many more products for the meat & poultry trade, such as boneguard (including sticky), absorbent crepe (including shaped & folded), ovenable (& also non-ovenable) dividers for trays, and our new range of protective shank caps.

Ben will be visiting IFFA on Tuesday, May 7th. If you want to arrange an appointment, or make sure he visits your stand, email

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