Video shows new chicken bagging machine

Video shows new chicken bagging machine

Sirane's new Sira-Cook™ Chicken Bagging Machine bags up to 40 chickens a minute. It's easy to use, and could massively increase your productivity...

The machine works with the Sira-Cook™ ovenable bag - meaning once the chicken is placed on the machine it needn't be touched again until it comes out of the oven. It can also be used in conjunction with the Dri-Fresh® Supreme™ absorbent oven tray.

Ian Beardsall, director of product & process development, said: "The machine couldn't be easier to use - as our video shows. Just load the bags, turn on the machine, and start loading the chickens. Using the Sira-Cook™ ovenable bag means the customers gets a beautifully cooked chicken, so everyone's happy."

To see how simple and effective the machine could be for your business, watch our video by clicking


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