• Thinking-Packaging - Jan-Mar 2017
  • Bags of Ideas: Sirane cooking bags - oven, microwave, bbq, sous-vide
  • Anti-microbial/anti-bacterial absorbent packaging for meat, seafood and fruit
  • Absorbent packaging: range of absorbent pads for meat, poultry, seafood & fruit
  • Protective packaging including sticky boneguard and shank caps
  • Ovenable dividers for food trays
  • Sirane's new food packaging catalogue
  • Oven and microwave packaging bags and films
  • Thinking-Cooking retail range

Food service, catering & hospitality

Products for food service, catering & hospitality include nylon liners for chafing dishes, saucepans, pots etc, rotisserie liners, liners for hot-food display counters and hot-shortening bags for the safe disposal of cooking oil. We also offer nylon materials for hot-fill in food service applications, and a range of nylon bags etc suitable for roasting spices, baking bread crumbs etc.

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