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Sira-Flex™ Resolve® Lidding-Film

Sira-Flex Resolve lidding film

Sira-Flex™ Resolve® Lidding-Film offers significant shelf life extension for fresh fruit and vegetables, including fresh salads.

This unique film - which comes on the reel for automatic lidding or flow-wrapping operations - optimises the atmospheric conditions inside the punnet to prolong freshness and enhance the quality, taste and texture of the food.>/p>

Sira-Flex™ Resolve® is a new film which has been developed to have the optimum balance between humidity control and O2 and CO2 permeability. It does not rely on holes, the permeability is controlled by the property of the film itself.

Due to the unique structure of Sira-Flex™ Resolve® Lidding-Film, the permeability to humidity, O2 and CO2 is different in each case. This has allowed us to balance the permeability of each component to achieve the optimum result.

The permeability is self-regulated according to the temperature so that the optimum atmosphere is maintained inside the pack even if the storage temperature is variable. The results are remarkable. There is no condensation on the inside of the film and the product does not dry out.

Sira-Flex™ Resolve® is not plastic. It is a natural bio-polymer made from plants. Sira-Flex™ Resolve® Lidding-Film is breathable, sustainable and fully compostable.

Sira-Flex Resolve lidding film for shelf-life extension

  • Significant shelf-life extension
  • Breathable film
  • Compostable and sustainable
  • No fogging due to unique control of pack moisture
  • Available in various thicknesses, plain or printed
  • Available on a reel for automatic lidding or flow-wrapping operations
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