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Sira-Serv™ Supreme™ absorbent rotisserie & hot-food display liners

Sira-Serv™ Supreme™

Sira-Serv™ Supreme rotisserie liners are the effective way to keep rotisseries clean and attractive. Consisting of a highly absorbent material covered with heat-reflective elevated-temperature-resistant film, Sira-Serv™ Supreme™ rotisserie liners soak away excess fat dripping from the meat while it is cooking and on display.

Sira-Serv™ Supreme rotisserie liners can be used in rotisseries, supermarket hot food counters, hot- food display cabinets, breakfast buffets and other cooking and hot display units.

Sira-Serv™  Supreme™

  • Reduces rotisserie cleaning time and costs
  • Can be used in hot-food counters/cabinets, breakfast buffets and more
  • Improves taste and texture of cooked foods
  • Soaks up fat during cooking and hot displays so that food is presented in a clean, crisp, healthy and attractive way
  • Ideal for meat, poultry, fish, burgers, sausages, chops, steak and many other foods
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