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    Retail food packaging solutions using steam-cooking bags for the oven/microwave
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    Steam-cooking bags for the oven/microwave are a great way of packaging many foods for sale, including fish, poultry and vegetables
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    Our oven/microwave steam-cooking bags come with many different options
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    FAQs about our oven/microwave steam-cooking bags include what is the maximum temperature I can cook this bag at?
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    Other questions often asked about printed cooking bags include are the inks ovenable?
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    A retail cooking bag programme can be a great way of boosting sales
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    Flavoured butters can be an easy way of adding flavour to your over-the-counter sales
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    We can connect you with a supplier who can offer a wide range of flavoured butters or sauces for use with our oven/microwave steam-cooking bags
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    We can also give the benefit of our experience in how other people have successfully run cooking bag campaigns
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    FPS bags are invidually-packed cooking bags for use in meal kits
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    Our oven/microwave steam-cooking bags can be supplied in a stand-up format
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    Our oven/microwave steam-cooking bags can also have a special vent if required
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    Or why not choose to sell the oven/microwave steam-cooking bags under our Thinking-Cooking brand
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    Other cooking bag solutions include oven/BBQ, sous-vide and roasting bags
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    For more information on our oven/microwave steam-cooking bags, please get in touch

    Stand-up steam-cooking bags for oven/microwave - Sira-Cook™ Stand-Up Bags

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    Sira-Cook Stand-Up Cooking bags bags for steam-cooking in oven or microwave

    Stand-Up Cooking Bags

    Sira-Cook™ Stand-Up Bags are counter bags allow food to be taken home and cooked in the oven or microwave in the same packaging, and because they are free-standing they are perfect for displaying the food in a retail environment.

    Sira-Cook™ Stand-Up Bags counter bags combine practicality with simplicity. Heat-seal or self-seal versions are available. Simply seal the bag, and put the food out on display.

    Once sealed the bags are leak-proof and odour-proof.

    Options for the Sira-Cook™ Stand-Up Bags include a carry-handle which can be incorporated into the bag design.For the retailer it is easy: butters, marinades, herbs and spices can be added to fish, poultry or meat, creating a grab ‘n’ go ready meal using the freshest ingredients.

    Sira-Cook™ Stand-Up Bags are not formulated with BPA.

    Bags can be custom printed if required, using top quality temperature-resistant print and temperature-resistant inks.

    • Free-standing bag - perfect for retail display
    • Different sizes and colour combinations are available
    • Oven/microwave/li>
    • Instruction/branding can be printed on the bag
    • Self-seal or heat-seal options available
    • Leak-proof and odour-proof once sealed
    • Perfect for over-the-counter use
    • Carry-handle can be incorporated into the design
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