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Sira-Therm Anti-bacterial bag with thermal insulation

Anti-bacterial thermally-insulated bag

Thermally Insulated Bags help to keep chilled and frozen products nice & cold, and hot products hot. Integrated anti-bacterial technology protects against bacteria causing food poisoning.

Used by supermarket shoppers and small independent food outlets alike, they are ideal for transporting fresh good home, delivery services, marketing and promotion - with many people opting for their own bespoke ‘branded’ bag.

Thermally Insulated Bags come with a unique handle designed to make the bags comfortable for the consumer to carry.

The ‘danger zone’ for food is between 15OC and 50OC, during which rapid microbial growth takes place - and keeping food away from this temperature zone can prevent food-borne illnesses. However, re-usable bags themselves can also become carriers of harmful bacteria, so an integrated anti-bacterial technology protects the bag against bacteria build-up.

Active anti-bacterial agent (from Biomaster) is built into the Insulated Bags during the manufacturing process, so the protection lasts as long as the bag.

Both off-the-shelf and custom-printed versions of the bag are available, and there are a range of potential sizes on offer.

Thermally insulated bags

  • Insulated bag, keeps hot or cold
  • Anti-bacterial technology protects bag against bacteria causing food poisoning
  • Protection lasts as long as the bag
  • Unique handle & special closure system
  • Perfect for retailers selling frozen/hot food
  • Made from 100% recyclable materials
  • Off the shelf, or custom branding
  • A non anti-bacterial version of this bag is also available
  • Endorsed by the Recycling Association
  • This product is available to buy now from our online shop
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