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Siralon solvent recovery bags

Solvent Recovery Bags;

Sirane’s nylon Solvent Recovery, Recycling & Distillation Bags are manufacured using a nylon blend specially chosen for solvent recovery becuse of its oustanding qualities - excellent chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and resistance to wear and tear.

Solvent Recovery, Recycling & Distillation Bags are used together with solvent recovery machines. During the distillation process the solvent evaporates through the bag, leaving the waste materials inside. Bags can be made to a variety of sizes and thicknesses as required.

The waste material does not ever need to be handled by the operator - reducing any associated health risks - and the time taken to manually clean the machine is significantly reduced.

  • Made from a tough, durable blend of nylon
  • Used during the solvent recovery/distillation process
  • Reduced health hazard risks for machine operators
  • Allow for the safe and easy transportation of waste materials
  • Sizes can be customised to fit with different machines
  • Eliminates arcing/sparking when speaking as residue stays within the bags
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