Absorbent crepe packaging for fruit

Absorbent crepe packaging for fresh fruit - Dri-Fresh®

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Dri-Fresh crepe packaging for fresh fruit

Dri-Fresh crepe for cherries

Dri-Fresh Crepe packaging is used for lining fruit crates or baskets when a relatively low-level of absorbency is needed, often with fruit such as cherries.

Lining the crate/basket with an absorbent crepe liner helps to prevent a build up of moisture, so assists in extending the shelf-life of the packaged fruit.

Dri-Fresh Crepe can be supplied in either 90gsm or 140gsm, offering absorbency levels of 250-400cc/m2.

We can supply the crepe paper cut, shaped and folded.

Crepe paper is lint-free, and offers excellent wet-strength, making it a great cost-effective absorbency solution.

Absorbent crepe for cherries and other fruit

  • Used for lining crates/baskets of fruit
  • Prevents a build-up of moisture
  • Non-linting & excellent wet strength
  • Ideal for low-level absorbency needed
  • 90gsm or 140gsm available
  • Helps keep fruit fresher for longer
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