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Absorbent meat pads and soakers - Dri-Fresh® Resolve®

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Dri-Fresh® Resolve® absorbent pads for meat

Dri-Fresh®  Resolve®

Dri-Fresh® Resolve® is the ultimate meat presentation surface. Uniquely constructed with proprietary technology, this fully bio-compostable absorbent meat pad completely eliminates surface discolouration for red meats in a standard MAP meat tray. Ideal for display counters or meat packs, these pads will compost in less than 60 days.

Dri-Fresh® Resolve®

  • Fully compostable films on cellulosic pads
  • Cellulosic materials derived from FSC sources complete with non-GM bio-polymeric layer and constructed using proprietary equipment without the need for glues
  • Uniquely sophisticated micro-porous surface which allows air to circulate whilst retaining the surface moisture which helps retain the colour and succulence of the meat product
  • Available in any size, shape or configuration including slit rolls
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