Sirane has signed a licensing agreement with Koepala

SIRANE has signed a licensing agreement with Koepala, allowing us to take their innovative single-portion packaging solution to a wider market.

Combining functional innovative design and Sirane sustainable material, the solution offers an eco-friendly, user-functional and production-efficient single-portion packaging solution. The partnership aims to go to market at the end of 2021 and is currently working with a food brand on the replacement of plastic salad packaging.

“Sirane with their market know-how, sustainable material expertise and open innovation ways of working is a great match for scalable packaging solutions. Our cost-effective, plastic-free, and logistic-efficient package will bring unique value for brand owners of various product categories” says Janne Asikainen, CEO of Koepala.

Simon Balderson, MD of Sirane, added: “Sirane’s always working on new innovations to add value to our customers. Koepala’s innovative designs which could make the whole value chain more sustainable is a perfect fit for our Earth packaging range.

“We are now in a great position to really expand our level of innovation and service to the packaging industry, by offering some great new packaging ideas.”

Koepala, based in Helsinki, develop and license innovative packaging solutions for single portion foods. The patented technology helps packaging manufacturers make the shift to sustainable food packaging in an economic and efficient way.

The Koepala design – which Sirane will be taking into markets globally - creates pop-up bowls, drinks cartons and more, which can be supplied flat, and has potential in multiple sectors including food-to-go, takeaways, retail and more.

Sirane is an innovative packaging development-to-manufacture company, with expertise in absorbency and material science. Specialisms include bags and pouches, absorbent products, shelf-life extension and dual-ovenable products.

We have an ever-growing range of sustainable and plastic-free packaging solutions, which have been branded under our Earth Packaging name.

Sirane has four main divisions: food packaging; medical & healthcare; horticultural and industrial. The company is based in Telford, Shropshire, with additional manufacturing in Guadalajara (Mexico), Wroclaw (Poland) and Moscow (Russia).

For more information on Koepala, visit www.koepala.com 

Recyclable pouches - options include paper-based and recyclable PE

SIRANE can offer a wide range of pouch formats – and two formats in particular are perfect for anyone wanting a recyclable pouch.  

Our Earthpouch is a plastic-free paper-based pouch, with a barrier coating, which is suitable for a wide range of products.

The Earthpouch can be recycled with the paper recycling stream.

But for products where the Earthpouch may not be suitable for whatever reason, we can offer our RePEat pouch – a fully recyclable PE pouch, which can be recycled with the LDPE recycling stream.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “The Earthpouch has proven very popular, and many people are looking for plastic-free packaging.

“We can offer a range of barriers, and it is suitable for many dry and moist foods – we have customers packaging products ranging from dry pet food treats to coffee, from granola to seaweed.

“Earthpouch is also great for vitamins and food supplements, milk and dark chocolate, and we even have a version for fresh salads.

“However, there are still circumstances where Earthpouch won’t be suitable. It might be the food is too wet, for example, and in these instances we can offer our RePEat PE pouches as an alternative.

“RePEAt pouches have a range of barriers, and despite being multi-layer they are fully recyclable with the LDPE recycling stream. This requires a trip to a recycling centre – or some supermarkets can take PE alongside returned shopping bags - but is better than landfill…”

Earthpouches are also available plain, in three sizes, in boxes of 1,000, from our new e-commerce site Field & Fare. Both medium and high barrier are available – visit www.fieldandfare.co.uk

Our two recyclable pouches -Earthpouches and RePEat pouches - are just two of the many pouch formats offered by Sirane

Sirane’s pouches offer includes:

Flat pouches/3-side seal pouches – a basic pouch that lies flat
Pillow-packs – also known as centre-seal pouches
Quad-seal pouches – generally used for heavier products
Retort pouches – used in commercial sterilisation
Stand-up pouches – free-standing packaging pouches
Plastic-free pouches – made from our unique Earthfilm

Sirane recently made a million-pound plus investment by expanding into a new unit that also saw the installation of an environmentally friendly and state-of-the-art water-based printing press.

The printing operation is, we believe, the the first in the UK to operate using solely water-based printing – meaning there is no solvents to be disposed of after printing, and no harmful emissions.

The first commercial orders run on the press were recently fulfilled.

The printing press will be used in particular for Earthpouch/Earthfilm orders – our plastic-free, recyclable barrier packaging film.

Sirane has four main divisions: food packaging; medical & healthcare; horticultural and industrial. The company is based in Telford, Shropshire, with two additional sites in the UK, plus additional manufacturing in Guadalajara (Mexico), and Moscow (Russia).

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