Bags of Ideas - Sirane's Sira-Cook range of oven, microwave and BBQ cooking bags

SIRANE offers a varied range of cooking bag options – all of which can be found in our Bags of Ideas brochure, a quick visual guide to what your options are.

From oven to microwave, BBQ to sous-vide and incorporating custom branded and fully printed bags – there’s something for everyone – and last year we acquired the ovenable bags and films business of Terinex, which has further increased that range.

Bags of Ideas brings everything together under one banner, in one simple to use catalogue, and helps guide the customer through the process of choosing what works for them.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Bags of ideas, bags of innovation and bags of possibilities. Sirane’s range of cooking bags has it all. Whether you want to steam cook in the oven or microwave, roast in the oven, or have a bag to throw on the BBQ, we can help.

“We can help guide you through the many options we have to help you decide what cooking bag will work best for you. Whether it be a non-stick BBQ bag or a printed steam-cooking bag, or a bag with a special vent, you decide.

“Our recent acquisition of part of the Terinex business means we can offer polyester ovenable bags and films, foil-edged film, and much, much more.

“The choices can sometimes seem daunting, but we’re here to help you make the right decision, as the right cooking bag can have a hugely positive impact on sales…”

Cooking bags offered by Sirane include our Sira-Cook Supreme bags for oven or BBQ, which are available in a range of sizes, with options including a non-stick layer.

As well as BBQ/oven bags, Sirane manufactures a wide range of other cooking bags including steam-cooking bags for oven/microwave (including a new stand-up version.

Steam-cooking bags can be supplied with custom printing, as self-seal or heat-seal, and even with a special vent – or in a new version, a stand-up pouch, which is becoming very popular, as it allows for enhanced retail presentation in a grab and go environment.

Jeremy Haydn-Davies, sales director, said: “Steam-cooking bags are gaining popularity the world over, as they are a great way of selling food which is easy to cook and ultimately very tasty. Bags of Ideas will take the customer through the main options available.

“We can even advise on how to make the most of your cooking bag and suggest flavoured butters and put you in contact with the supplier, helping you create fresh ready meals.”

As well as polyester ovenable bags and films, Sirane can also offer nylon – which is suitable for higher temperatures, as it can be cooked at up to 220 degrees Celsius.

Many of our bags can be supplied as individually wrapped bags, for use with meal-kits etc.


Recent product developments include our recyclable salmon boards - Earthboard

APRIL 22nd is Earth Day – perhaps the perfect day to talk about our Earth Packaging range, and what we’re doing in the sustainable packaging sector….

Sirane’s Earth Packaging range is built on some simple principles – everything in it must be either recyclable or compostable – and when we say recyclable, we mean actually recyclable, in the real world, which means kerbside.

Sirane’s range of plastic-free packaging solutions includes our paper-based stand-up pouches, Earthpouch, and paper-based flow-wrap film Earthfilm.

Our award-winning Earthpouch was the first product in our Earth Packaging range – it is a paper-based barrier pouch (or film) suitable for dry and moist products, which can be recycled as part of the paper recycling stream.

In addition, Sirane offers a range of board-based products, including our new recyclable sandwich skillet, Earthwedge. Following extensive trials, this product is now ready, and we will offer two versions – heat-seal and tabbed.

Heat-sealable packs are suitable for commercial use, where many days shelf-life is required, whereas tabbed skillets are suitable for packing and selling same day.

Our Earthwedges are recyclable in the paper recycling stream. There’s no need for customers to try and separate components, there’s no misleading recycling claims – this is a pack which can be easily recycled by everyone who buys one.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said “Millions of PE-coated and laminated sandwich packs end up in landfill daily – the War On Plastics show on BBC showed clearly how impractical recycling is for most of the packs, despite what may be claimed.

“So, any sandwich producers out there who are supporting Earth Day, you may want to take look at our solution, and consider taking a real step forward…”

Tabbed versions will be available very soon from our shop – www.fieldandfare.co.uk

Many of our other board products, including cake boards, patisserie boards, pizza boards, etc, can be offered using eco-friendly coating which mean the products can be recycled after use – and last year we brought to market a plastic-free salmon board, which can be recycled and is also industrially compostable.

Simon Balderson added: “Like the sandwich packs, traditional salmon boards are a problem as for as environmental credentials are concerned. They are traditionally coated with a metallised polyester film and good for nothing but landfill.

“Our Earthboard salmon boards have been rigorously tested to make sure they do the same job, but are recyclable – so again, anyone using salmon boards, if you’re serious about being more eco-friendly, you should take a look.”

Earthboard salmon boards are also available from www.fieldandfare.co.uk

We also have solutions for the horticultural market – such as our plastic-free Earthboard Tree-Guards, which can be used to protect saplings.

These tree-guards are made from a special coated board, which is water-resistant, and will last for years out in the wild, before eventually returning to the earth….

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Recyclable sandwich packs


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Cargo-Fresh for perishable goods

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Plastic-free salmon boards

Plastic-free salmon boards


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Plastic-free tree-guards

Plastic-free tree-guards


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