The Sirane team on the stand at Aneberries

SIRANE Central Americana exhibited at Aneberries in Guadalajara at the end of July – returning not only with plenty of inquiries, but a first place from a running race…

Aneberries brings together most of the major growers and producers in Central America, together with suppliers, with a focus providing a forum for discussing industry-wide issues.

The show took place at the Expo Centre in Guadalajara – just a few miles from Sirane Central Americana’s factory – from July 31-August 2. It’s been a key component of Sirane’s Central Americana’s exhibition calendar for a few years and the team once again promoted products aimed at extending the shelf-life of soft-fruit/berries.

And this year saw the Primer Carrera de las Berries 5k and 10k race open the show – with 12 categories and a number of athletes raising money for Down’s Syndrome charities.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Aneberries is a perfect show for Sirane Central Americana. It’s very much an industry gathering, sharing of information, and held for the mutual benefit of everyone involved in the ever-expanding Mexican soft-fruit industry.

“We’ve exhibited at Aneberries for a few years now, and it has always been a great success for us. It’s a great show, and with our Guadalajara base, it is a local show for us.

“It was another great show. Very busy, and lots of interest in Sirane and our fruit packaging solutions – and we also discovered Gibran Guerrero, our production manager from the Guadalajara site can run – as he won the 5k in the 31-40 years category.

“I was also well placed – well placed near the finish line holding his drink. Congratulations to Gibran, and to the team as a whole for an excellent and very successful show.”

Sirane Central Americana is based in Guadalajara, close to Mexico’s major berry growing regions and the headquarters of many major growers. It focused initially on absorbent fruit pads – with the market for berries in particular and soft-fruit in general the major target.

The team in Mexico has since targeted other sectors, including meat & seafood.

We first opened our 1,700-square-metre factory in the heart of the Mexican berry-growing region in January 2016 – but such has been the demand for absorbent products from the region that we’re now moving to a 3,700 square metre site this summer.

Mexico’s soft-fruit industry is one of the largest in the world. Its temperature, height above sea-level and rainfall make growing conditions ideal. Vast quantities of fruit including strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries are exported to Europe, North America and even the Far East – making packaging vitally important.

Other regions of North, South and Central America are also significant exporters of fruit, and so Sirane Central Americana will be in a good location to supply demand across the entire region – a demand driven by a worldwide demand for berries 365 days a year.

“We’re taking inquiries from all around the region,” said Maricarmen Espinoza, general manager of Sirane’s Mexico operation, “and there’s real scope for us to expand our business not just in Mexico, but across the wider region, including Central and South America.

“Our ability to manufacture to order, customise absorbency and deliver quickly, when fruit is ready, has proven very attractive – and we’re now an established supplier in the region. This increased capacity and capability will really allow us to push on and grow.”

Sirane offers a range of absorbent pads for fruit, including standard absorbency, absorbent ‘cushioned‘ Soft-Hold bubble pads, and our new Dri-Fresh ABV anti-microbial pads, which contain a blend of natural bio-flavonoids and organic acids which naturally enhance fruit’s own protective defences. We also offer pads with ethylene absorbency incorporated.

Maricarmen added: “Sirane has a wide range of absorbent products perfect for all types of fruit packaging, not just berries. The correct packaging can make a real difference to shelf-life, and in a region like ours, where much of the produce is exported, that matters.

“It’s great to see Sirane’s name becoming more and more well known, and synonymous with effective shelf-life extension, local manufacturing and great customer service. Aneberries helped reinforce just how far we’ve come in a few years, and was a great show.”

Sirane Central Americana are on the road again later this year – as they will also be exhibiting at the Expo Agroalimentaria Guanajuato on Irapuato from November 12-15.

To contact Sirane Central Americana, email Maricarmen Espinoza Peña on maricarmen.espinoza@sirane.com or she can be contacted on +52 133 1942 9646.

 Gibran Guerrero from Sirane Central Americana, won the inaugural 5k in his category at Aneberries

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