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Pads and mats for seafood and fish transportation - Dri-Fresh® Sea-Fresh™

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Dri-Fresh® Sea-Fresh™ absorbent pads and mats for fish transportation

Absorbent crate liners and pads for fish and seafood

Dri-Fresh® Sea-Fresh™ absorbent liners pads and mats are designed to quickly and effectively absorb the melting ice and juices released during fish transportation. The liquid is absorbed and trapped inside the liner to prevent spillage and reduce odour. The transport crate remains cold, clean and dry to optimise the condition and appearance of the fish.

Dri-Fresh® Sea-Fresh™ absorbent pads & mats can be custom designed to your application.

Absorbent fish crate liners

  • Effective absorbency for clean, safe and efficient fish transportation
  • Enhances the appearance and optimises the value of fresh fish
  • Reduces odour and locks in the moisture to prevent spillage
  • Clean, easy and safe disposal
  • Available in custom sizes, absorbency levels and colours to meet all applications
  • Direct food contact approval by RAPRA
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