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Absorbent microwaveable susceptor packaging - Sira-Crisp™ Crisp-it Dry™

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Sira-Cook™ Crisp-it Dry™ microwaveable packaging


Sira-Crisp™ Crisp-it Dry™ range of absorbent susceptor packaging absorbs microwaves and radiates heat to enhance the crispiness of microwaved food. This process helps to prevent sogginess and provide crispy, appetising food.

Sira-Crisp™ Crisp-it Dry™ products are designed to combine our standard Sira-Cook™ Crisp-it product with an absorbent layer underneath. With a variety of options available, this combination will absorb excess moisture and fat, whilst crisping up the food. The absorbent layer also acts as a heat insulation for hot food-to-go.

The top layer can be perforated in different patterns to enhance the performance of the susceptor, particularly when microwaving high moisture or fatty food.


  • Crisps up food whilst controlling excess moisture
  • No more soggy pastry and pizza bread bases
  • Healthier, crisper and cleaner food
  • Available in a variety of absorbencies to meet your products requirements
  • Many colours available and bespoke sizes to suit
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