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Retort pouches

Retort pouches are filled with moist or semi-moist foods, sealed and then heat-treated in steam/hot water retort kettles to achieve commercial sterilisation (for shelf-stable foods). The subsequent shelf-life of retort pouches in general is more than one year - longer than with conventional pouches.

Our Retort Pouches come in two different designs, ‘K Seal’ and ‘Doy Pack’ - both resulting in a base. The K Seal creates a diagonal seal across the bottom corners of the bag to form a flat base where the Doy Pack uses a specially designed measuring tool to seal across the bottom of the whole bag creating a lovely curved finish. We can advise further.

Options include: adding a sensory grip seal; laser perforation, punch-outs for hanging; tear notch for single-use packaging.

The print options we provide include wide web flexo. This means that we can cater for very short runs and also long runs, offering more flexibility.

Retort Pouches can be used for products such as soups and sauces, seafood, pet food, and ready-meals.

Retort Pouches are also suitable for cooking straight in the microwave if needed, depending what is packed inside.

  • Retort pouches for commercial sterilisation
  • K Seal or Doy Pack bases available
  • Print options include digital for small runs
  • Other options include sensory grip seal, laser perforations, punch-outs for hanging and tear-notches for single-use pouches
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