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Sira-Serv Grilling-Bags

Sira-Serv Grilling-Bags

Sira-Serv™ Grilling-Bags allow retailers to pre-prepare food which can be placed on the shelf in the bag. Once chosen by a customer it can be grilled/re-heated in the bag.

Sira-Serv™ Grilling-Bags can be provided as self-seal or heat-seal and can be supplied with printing/branding.

Use of the Grilling Bag keeps handling/food contact to a minimum, making it a great solution for coffee shops/delis. They also help keep machines clean, even during constant use.

Perfect for paninis, toasted sandwiches and more.

Sira-Serv Grilling-Bags

  • Keeps grilling machines, panini-grills, sandwich toasters etc clean
  • Allows pre-packed products to be chosen by customer and grilled in the packaging
  • Can be provided printed or branded
  • Self-seal and heat-seal versions available
  • Easy to open when ready to serve
  • Perfect for coffee shops, delis, cafes etc
  • Great solution for gluten free/free from packaging
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