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Boneguard protection for meat - Tuff-Hold™

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Tuff-Hold™ boneguard for meat and poultry


Tuff-Hold™ boneguard materials offer a combination of strength and elasticity to assure maximum shelf-life for vacuum packaged meat and poultry.

Tuff-Hold™ boneguard materials combine excellent strength with ease of use and a range of grades to reduce the number of leaks caused by sharp bones.

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  • TP - clear & coloured high strength PE, medium puncture resistance for retail packs
  • TPA - a transparent absorbent boneguard
  • TPE - a transparent extra boneguard
  • TK - a waxed boneguard offering high puncture resistance ensuring extra confidence in retail packs
  • TKS - a waxed but extra sticky boneguard
  • MT metallised for extra protection improved presentation, high strength puncture resistance
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