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Sira-Cook™ Sous-Vide bags for using in sous-vide applications


The Sira-Cook™ Sous-Vide bag allows food to be vacuum-packed, heat-sealed and then cooked sous-vide. Sous-vide cooking - literally “under vacuum” in French - means the air is drawn out of the bag, sealed, and then it is cooked slowly in a temperature-controlled ‘water bath’.

Sira-Cook™ Sous-Vide bags can be used for sous-vide cooking at up to 120 degrees celsius, although temperatures above 100OC are rarely required.

    • Suitable for sous-vide cooking at up to 120 degrees celsius
    • Any length of cooking time, however long
    • Bag can be vacuum-packed, heat-sealed and then used for sous-vide
    • Suitable for meat, fish, vegetables and fruit
    • Food is cooked evenly, and retains moisture and nutrients
    • Available in numerous sizes to suit most applications
    • Extends shelf-life as the bag remains air-tight
    • Two types available - 65 and 90 micron
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